Main features

OneClick YouTube Downloader: All Videos, Music, One Click. The Easiest And Most Elegant Way to Download Social Video and Music, Youtube, Yahoo, Imeem,,...etc, with just one click.

Main Features Detail

1. One Click Downloading easy and elegant
You can use the most elegant and easiest way to download all social videos, social music, streaming media and movie because the functions are built-in browser.
You can click it and download videos and music at any time, not required to launch any other programs. It would not interrupt the browsing experience when you are downloading files. gotop
2. All Videos and Music
Use OneClick Youtube Downloader, download YouTube video would never failed. You can also download streaming media, social music, social video, and movie from anywhere include Yahoo, Metacafe, Imeem and Pandora simpler and easier. gotop
3. HTTP , RTMP and Multiple Streaming Media Protocols Support
OneClick YouTube Downloader is superior to other downloader on supporting multiple protocols, especially RTMP protocol which is widely used now.
And the RTMPE protocol would be supported soon. gotop
4. Break Anti-leeching Technology
There are now more and more sites (Imeem, Grooveshark etc.) using anti-leeching technology. OneClick Youtube Downloader could download videos and music as a recorder from these sites, that’s a function which other software does not available. gotop

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